Faith In Prayer,
Or Prayer In Faith?   part 1

Many have prayed earnestly for some definite blessing and then, when it failed to come, have grown bitter and even cynical.
And one hears from such disappointed hearts the frequent refrain, "I have lost faith in prayer."

The very phrasing of that statement reveals a misunderstanding of the right attitude toward prayer. Faith in prayer is one thing; prayer in faith is another.

The man who starts out only with faith in prayer puts too much emphasis upon prayer and not enough upon the God to Whom he prays. He uses prayer as a sort of magic talisman, an "open sesame" to the things he wants, a quick way of getting things he wants from God.
Then, when he does not get what he asks for, he gives up prayer much as the heathen beats his fetish when he gets into trouble.

Prayer is really his god. Instead of being pious, he is, in a sense, idolatrous. Faith in prayer may be a very childish and inadequate attitude.

"By the Still Waters" by Vance Havner

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